Smart Home IOT


Igloohome smart locks, smart keyboxes, and smart padlocks give you the option of keyless entry with the added comfort of access monitoring using your smartphone wherever you are.

Let the right person in and keep the wrong people out with PIN codes that can be personalized depending on the nature and duration of usage.

For greater peace of mind, monitor in real-time who goes in and out of your home with activity logs.

iDual Led

iDual LED light redefines the purpose of LED lights. More than providing lighting to your home, iDual LED lights sets the mood and ambiance of your home with multi-colored display and dynamic light scenes.

And all of it can be done conveniently by remote.


With Definics, experience light, power control, and more with a simple click of a button and without the use of additional bridges, wires, or connections.

All Definics devices are Wi-Fi ready and can be readily connected to a master program that is installed on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer.

As long as you are connected to a mobile or wi-fi network, you have full control of all these devices, whenever and wherever you are.