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ADTEL’s Broadcast department started in 1998 and since then has provided design, installation and management of projects through a team of professionals with more than two decades of experience.

As leaders in digitalization and streamlining of broadcast systems, the department has successful deployments all over the country — from Batanes to Mindanao — covering far-flung areas like Mt. Amuyao and Mt. Kitanglad, to name a couple.

With commitment to quality service and products as its thrust, the Broadcast department continues to explore and foster lasting representation from innovative, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions from America, Europe, and Asia for the benefit of the broadcast system in the Philippines.

  • In the industry since 1998
  • Our team has more than two decades of experience
  • Expertise is on RF Transmission
  • With installations from Batanes to Mindanao
  • With successful deployments from major cities to far-flung areas like Mt. Amuyao and Mt. Kitanglad
  • We represent innovative, reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions from America, Europe and Asia.
  • We can design, install and manage projects


TV Broadcast System

For the past few years, we have been serving our customers in the television, radio, production, post-production, and audio recording business for their diverse needs and requirements.

Through this experience we come to realize that transmitter and studio equipment performance can only be good with equally good propagation system. Thus, we focus a little more on our transmitter and antenna products.

Electronics Research, Inc. (ERI)

For more than 65 years, ERI has served the broadcast industry with products and services of the highest quality and dependability.

Our dedicated staff of engineers, designers, fabricators, project managers, and installers deliver products to meet all of your broadcast needs, both RF and structural.

We take pride in contributing to your success by offering the best broadcast antennas, filters and combiners, transmission line, towers, and broadcast services.


•     Antennas (AM, FM, VHF, UHF, BRS-EBS, Components and Accessories)
•     Transmission Line (Coaxial Cable, Rigid Coaxial Line, Waveguides, Pressurization Equip ment, Components and Accessories)
•     Towers
•     Filters-Combiners (FM, VHF, UHF, DAB, RF Components)
•     Broadcast Services (Engineering, Field and Installation)

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System Engineering (SYES) - Built to Perform

System Engineering Solutions successfully manufactures broadcasting equipment since over 30years.

Low and High Power Broadcasting Transmitters with Air and Liquid cooling, featuring all analog and
digital worldwide broadcasting standards (ITU, DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, ATSC, ISDB-T, DTMB,

Wide Band Ultra High Efficiency Broadcasting Transmitters for drastic Opex reduction, Gap fillers
with revolutionary Automatic Echo Canceling, Multichannel Systems, High Capacity Microwave Links,
Complete Antenna Systems (COEL).
A complete line of products, our instruments to make your business work.

Our passion is being your partner as system integrator for your turn key project thanks to our huge
experience and to our broadcasting services department.

We have more than 15.000 transmission sites delivered, with a production capability exceeding 5000
units per year.

Of our over 100 employees, of which almost 30% engaged in our internal R&D unit challenging for you
the requirements of your future.

Our Services:

  • Turn-key consultancy for TV network implementation
  • Solutions tailored on specific needs and budget constraints
  • Integration of the best components on market
  • Station engineering and installation plans
  • Operator training & coaching
  • Technical assistance services


  • TV Transmitter
  • FM Transmitter
  • DAB Transmitter
  • Antennas
  • MW Links
  • Accessories

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Aviat Networks, Inc.: Microwave Networking Trusted Experts

Aviat Networks, Inc. is the leading expert in wireless transport solutions and works to provide dependable products, services and support to its customers. With more than one million systems sold into 170 countries worldwide, communications service providers and private network operators including state/local government, utility, federal government and defense organizations trust Aviat with their critical

•     Hybrid Microwave
•     Eclipse Packet Node and Microwave Platform
•     Truepoint 6500
•     Packet Microwave
•     Wimax Access
•     Core Elements
•     Network Management/OSS
•     Maintenance-free

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RTW – Eyes on your Audio

For 50 years, RTW from Cologne has accompanied the steady technological progress in the pro-audio industry with innovative instruments and technologies for visual audio monitoring in broadcast, production, post-production, and quality control. Whether audio metering, loudness metering, or signal monitoring, RTW’s state-of-the-art systems are the result of a future-oriented strategic approach that focuses on continuous development while putting maximum attention to reliability and protecting their clients investments.

In 1965, RTW was founded as a specialist service provider for audio equipment. During the following years, the company became a dedicated audio-systems developer and a key vendor of professional broadcast and audio-metering equipment. Andreas Tweitmann took over RTW in 2007 and is now CEO of the company.

From the RTW Peakmeter featuring the famous gas plasma tube that started RTW’s overwhelming success in radio and TV studios all over the world in the 1970ies to the TouchMonitor range incorporating a top-notch loudness system, RTW has again and again succeeded in setting new standards in terms of perfection and precision for the entire industry. Milestone products include the internationally acclaimed Surround Sound Analyzer providing intuitive surround visualization as well as the SurroundControl 31900/31960 featuring an integrated monitoring controller, a 3G SDI de-embedder, and a Dolby® decoder for seamless integration into the production workflows of modern broadcasting and TV studios.

The TouchMonitor range truly marks a paradigm shift in visual audio monitoring and loudness metering. The TM7 and TM9 units are the essence of many years of experience. They combine maximum flexibility and modularity with an intuitive touch-enabled surface and multichannel signal analysis. The new ergonomic TouchMonitor concept is touchscreen-based and offers unprecedented freedom in arranging and scaling user-interface controls. Today, virtually all major mixing-console vendors implement OEM versions of the TM7 or TM9 on their products. And the TM3 opens new markets for RTW: This attractively priced entry-level product featuring a 4.3″ capacitive touchscreen with pro-grade loudness, true peak, and PPM metering functions transfers the TouchMonitor concept into a more compact metering solution for journalist cubicles, edit suits, and small control rooms.

RTW has also made significant contributions to the introduction of mandatory standards for loudness metering and control: They not only offer the right products that allow the pro-audio industry to meet current and future standards but also have actively co-developed those standards themselves. Michael Kahsnitz, head of product management at RTW, is a member of the EBU’s PLOUD group that has developed binding loudness-management standards.

RTW has been certified by TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH to comply with the international ISO 9001:2008 quality-management standard. In 2010, RTW went through a strategic renewal to position the company as a highly experienced leading vendor who meets its customers’ requirements with innovative made-to-measure solutions and state-of-the-art systems.

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LTN® Global is a worldwide leader in media technology that positions broadcasters and digital content companies to win the future of video.

LTN’s digital media ecosystem unifies, optimizes, and automates video workflows, empowering users to acquire, transform, deliver, and monetize content at scale.

Drawing on our four pillars (Create, Command, Signal, and Transport), LTN’s modular solutions streamline each stage in the digital and linear video chains, from production and publishing to transformation and transport.

Leveraging the world’s fastest and most reliable IP video network, LTN is a trusted partner with a reputation for multicasting mission-critical, broadcast-quality content to any device and any platform, anywhere in the world.

LTN brings customers greater efficiency, agility, and creativity in delivering more content to more viewers, driving value from any source to any screen.

LTN® Global is a leading managed services provider of proprietary live video technologies. Built on the world’s fastest and most reliable IP multicast video network, LTN’s digital media ecosystem empowers content producers and distributors to: create, acquire, transform, deliver, and monetize content at scale; unify, optimize, and automate full-value-chain workflows; and leverage greater efficiency, agility, and creativity in delivering more content to more viewers.

LTN® Global is a worldwide leader in media technology solutions. As a trusted partner to leaders in broadcast and video innovation, we leverage our proprietary technology to power every link in the value chain. LTN solutions facilitate and streamline essential workflows to connect 3,000+ locations with audiences around the world.

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Lumos, the brand name of High Quality LED Lighting, was announced in 2008 by  DMLite Co. Ltd., the company is located at the heart of East Asia, S. Korea.  Lumos Series LED Lights are engineered to have the highest CRI, Minimal green cast, No Fan, No Noise, Excellent Uniformity, Color Accuracy, Superior Finish, Reduced Glare, Eco-Friendly & DMX Standard.

Lumos LED lights are suitable for Professional Film making and HD Video.  By focusing on quality and R&D, we strive to provide the highest quality LED Lighting for our customers. Engineering alone has no magic.

Devices have no soul. It is inspiration that transforms mechanical and optical movement into touch of emotion.

At Lumos, we start with inspiration.  A vision of the experience we want to create, the senses we want to see. From the hand of the engineer to your eyes which see the lighting, powerful emotion is poured into every detail. The intimacy of a cool and soft light.

The satisfaction of an experience that exceeds every expectation.

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  1. Lumos Glow Panel Series
  2. Lumos Hawk Series
  3. Lumos GT Series
  4. Lumos 100 MK
  5. Lumos 100F
TAG Video Systems

TAG Video Systems is the world leader in 100% software based integrated IP Multiviewing, Probing and Monitoring solutions.  Introducing its first IP solution in 2008, today TAG supports over 50,000 channels across the four primary broadcastin applications – Live Production, Playout/Master Control, Distribution and OTT. TAG’s Zer0 Friction philosophy allows Broadcasters and Content Distributors the greatest scalability, flexibility and asset utilization available in the market today. The 100% software platform supports both compressed and uncompressed formats, including MPEG TS, JPEG2000,

SMPTE 2110, SMPTE 2022-6/7, and HLS. TAG’s solutions run on standard Commercial Off The-Shelf hardware (COTS) and cloud, providing state-of-the-art IP monitoring and analysis tools combined with highest quality UHD Multiviewer available on standard and mobile device displays. 


MCM-9000 Series – The MCM-9000 family of products enables monitoring all services over Transport streams, plus the added value of creation  of real-time live mosaic from a mixture of sources, with ovelayed alerts.

Multiviewing Applications – The TAG solution provides a complete Multiviewing application tool combined with probing and monitoring as well. It can receive and monitor all Broadcast formats like the 2110/2022-6 Uncompressed; compressed MPEG-TS; and OTT streams all the way down to the encoded video content and its quality. The solution provides the operator with a strong tool for error detection, alerting and Multiviewing.

The created output Mosaic/Head is an HD or UHD video stream, encoded and transmitted as 2110-21 and standard H.264/H.265 SPTS along an HLS parallel output – enabling remote multiviewing, mobile devices access and a very flexible installation topology. 

Probing/ Monitoring Applications – The TAG solution provides a complete probing and monitoring application tool for all the transmission layers starting from the 2110/2022-6 uncompressed; MPEG-TS compressed; and OTT streams all the way down to the encoded video content and its quality. The solution provides the operator with a strong tool for error detection and alerting.

Decryptor –  TAG’s solution offers a proven and secure method of real time Decryption, Monitoring and Viewing of DVB Simulcrypt, as well as OTT content after the packager within the secure zone, and after the CDN while interacting with VerimatrixMultiRights key management. The TAG solution provides a complete Probing Monitoring and Multiviewing application tool for all the transmission layers starting from the 2110/2022-6 uncompressed; MPEG-TS compressed; and OTT streams all the way down to the encoded video content and its quality.

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Office Address:

#57 LBI Building, Kalayaan Avenue, Diliman Quezon City

Contact Person:

Reynaldo A. Canlas

Telephone No.:

(632) 3436-5103