Blogger wins Adtel solar kit for adopted ‘sitio’

ADTEL Inc. is back on the market in a big way with its breakthrough product, the Adtel Solar Home Kit.

The kit is a stand-alone system that includes a solar panel, a battery with charge controller, provisions for an AM/FM radio, and a LED (light emitting diode) lamp.

The company recently invited bloggers to post about why they wanted to own an Adtel Solar Home Kit.

Kelly Austria wrote that she wanted to donate a kit to an off-grid community in Kibungan, Benguet. Austria and her mountaineering group Trails to Empower Kids (TREK) took the community under their wing as part of their mission to “help schools that because of their isolation no longer get the same aid and attention as their counterparts in other areas.”

Austria won an Adtel Solar Home Kit worth P10,000 for TREK’s adopted community. Meanwhile, Adtel hopes to distribute the kit among even just a fraction of the 3.4 million homes in the Philippine countryside that remain un-energized. “We would like to start there because we can see nobody is attending to them,” said Adtel president Regie Casas. “Our priority is to alleviate poverty through solar electrification.” This it aims to accomplish by tying up with foundations and companies and institutions looking for CSR projects.