Adtel is a leading contractor in providing quality and reliable services for network design and installation of outside plant facilities for telecommunication companies.


Outside Plant Network Design and Installation


Adtel is a leading contractor in providing quality and reliable services for network design and installation of outside plant facilities for telecommunication companies. Our team is composed of competent engineering and technical experts with extensive experience in the field of telecommunications.


* Engineering and Design
* Fiber Management System (FIMS) Uploading
* ROW Permitting
* RTA Application
* Cost and Estimates
* Excavation / trenching for underground conduit installation
* Service Box / Handhole / Manhole Construction
* Base Pad Construction / Relocation
* Electrical Permit Application / CEI
* Aerial and Underground Cabling
* Cable Entrance Facilities Construction / Retro Fitting
* Pole Installation
* Horizontal Directional Drilling
* Copper and Fiber Optic Cable Splicing and Termination
* Fiber Optic Insertion (live fiber)
* Copper and Fiber Network Audit
* Testing and Commissioning

Troubleshooting, Repair and Maintenance

We provide 24-hour maintenance services for the outside plant facilities of BayanTel. Aside from our skilled in-house crew, we are also equipped with state-of-the-art troubleshooting and testing equipments. We are always ready to give immediate response for emergency situations such as troubleshooting, repair, and restoration of both copper and fiber-optic cable troubles such as cable cut, burned/stolen cable, broken pole, pole clearing, transfer/relocation and recovery of facility.

Subscriber Line Installation


SLI started its operation within the areas of Metro Manila only catering the needs of BayanTel subscribers. But due to the increase in demand for telecommunication needs not just within Metro Manila but nationwide, and the will to extend its service to a greater number of people, Adtel expanded its operation to provincial areas.

At present, our client is not only BayanTel but also the new Innove, a subsidiary of Globe for its wireline business. We now have six provincial offices located in different parts of the country, three of which are for BayanTel projects (Bicol, Tacloban, and Davao areas) and the other three are for Innove projects (Tacloban,Bohol and Samar areas).

We are committed in providing good quality telephone line installations to subscribers. We have a pool of skilled technicians and quality inspectors to assure standard installations. In Innove, we provide services both for voice and data applications. We are involved in the installation and repair of conventional fixed-wire and wireless telephone lines or WLL (wireless local loop), DSL (digital subscriber line) for Globelines Broadband, leased lines, and also in the pull-out/recovery of telephone lines and equipments

Structured Cabling

Increased network data traffic and application demands continue to drive the need for adequate and reliable wiring in state facilities. Aside from the traditional outside plant works, our team also offers structured cabling design and installation for corporate/commercial buildings. Structured cabling is a standards-based approach to cable plant installation (inside wiring) within a facility or group of buildings. Our works includes planning/designing of cable routes, conduit installation, and copper and fiber-optic cabling and testing both for voice and data applications as required by customers.