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Dexgreen Dexseal Aerial Closure series

Dexseal aerial closure are designed for new build or maintenance applications. The one piece free breathing construction provide an excellent housing for cable splices in the harshest of environments.

The ends seals provide a quick and easy method of installing cables. Cable support can also be provided.

There are currently 6 sizes in the range managing cable pair count from 50 to 800 pairs.

Fiber Optic Enclosures


  • Constructed of a highly chemical-resistant material
  • Designed for service in all environments, giving many years of low maintenance while providing a high-level of protection
  • Can be deployed in underground and aerial environments.
  • Multiple port entry configuration
  • Designed to prevent cable sheath movement with temperature changes.
  • Easy re-entry without the need of special tools and with reusable seal
  • Variable capacity storage basket
  • Made of Self Extinguishing plastic material
  • Compatible with most cable types and construction
  • Competitive price