Adtel is a leading contractor in providing quality and reliable services for network design and installation of outside plant facilities for telecommunication companies.


With the advent of new technologies and continuous development in the telecommunication industry, Installation Group's commitment is to provide excellent services in the field of telecommunication facilities installation. Keeping up-to-date with the emerging trends and opportunities, the group offers services that adhere to the accepted standards ensuring optimum quality and reliability to satisfy, and even exceed, customers' demands. Composed of competent personnel and management team that ensures the delivery of quality management, project implementation and a timely delivery of expected results.


Project Management Capability

In today’s competitive marketplace, communications companies demand strategic approaches that take outside plant engineering to the next level. Enabling an efficient OSP designs that provide the most accurate and up to date access to critical network information is the key to staying ahead. When exploring available options for outside plant engineering ADTEL offers a highly flexible workforce and good project management skills. The following aspects were taken into considerations by the company to increase capability.


Management Team

ADTEL’s OSP is lead by experienced management team with more that 10 years of know-how in the fields of engineering and construction. OSP Design and Engineering team is composed of engineers equipped with experience in designing engineering Telecom Network. We have reliable partners for different discipline in the field of telecommunications.

Information Technology

ADTEL is using all licensed AUTOCAD workstations for smooth transporting of plans even in the net. MS Project is the Bible of the group used in monitoring the project specially the critical path and milestones. Google Mapping or Global software is also being applied as enhancement in the design of the project.

Tools and Equipment

ADTEL provides dedicated plotter for the projects and outsourcing some depending on the immediate needs of the projects. We provide complete line of equipment from survey and design up to construction and commissioning.