Communication Network Department caters to the supply chain of Telecom requirements - both active and passive devices - and testing equipments. As a former 3M Philippines Distributor for outside plant products, we have an extensive experience in locally fabricating other outside plant (OSP) materials and accessories and partnership with foreign partners who carries high quality products but on a very competitive price rates.

For copper technology, we offer products on the last mile accessories which includes dropwires, jacketed wire, jumper wires, station protectors, demarcation boxes and CPE’s.

For the fast-gaining popularity of fiber optic technology called FTTx, we virtually offer the complete line of products from the central office for the likes of ODF’s, to NAP’s and down to the last mile installation such as fiber drop cables and CPE’s. We also offer our clients the testing equipments that ensures the integrity of the new devices added to their extensive networks.