The world is switching to digital and the Broadcasting Industry is not spared from this inevitable transition.


TV Broadcast System

For the past few years, we have been serving our customers in the television, radio, production, post-production, and audio recording business for their diverse needs and requirements. Through this experience we come to realize that transmitter and studio equipment performance can only be good with equally good propagation system. Thus, we focus a little more on our transmitter and antenna products.

TRASAR - Traveling Wave Slot Antenna

For applications demanding the highest in quality and proven performance for optimum coverage, ERI TRASARĀ® High Power Transmitting Antennas are the ideal choice.

Flexibility in design, computer aided design tools, and anechoic chamber testing allow us to provide you with custom solutions that meet your specific needs while aiding you to optimize tower design and coverage considerations.

VHF: High band VHF Channels 7-13 (174-216MHz) and CCIR Band III single 6 MHz channel.
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UHF: UHF Channels 14-69 (470-806 MHz) and CCIR Bands IV and V single 6 MHz channel or 12 MHz dual adjacent channels.
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BATWING - Low and high band VHF antennas

The new ERI Batwing antenna, a horizontally polarized transmitting antenna, is available in single or multiple bay configurations (Maximum 6 bays for Ch. 2-3, 8 bays for Ch. 4-6 and 12 bays for Ch. 7-13.). The antennas are constructed of rugged galvanized steel and brass components mounted on a support pole, which can either be flange or bury mounted on top of the tower.

The ERI Batwing can be designed as an omnidirectional or a directional (peanut) pattern. Because of its wide band characteristics, the antenna can transmit multiple channels (NTSC/DTV) simultaneously.
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