The world is switching to digital and the Broadcasting Industry is not spared from this inevitable transition.



ADC is a broadcast industry leader in audio, video, data and fiber patching solutions

For years, broadcasters have relied on copper coaxial cable to route video and audio control signals and RF around their facilities. With greater bandwidth demand, broadcasters are migrating to fiber-based networks to support the latest 3G and HD transmissions. ADC is prepared to lead this migration as a global fiber leader that can be found in the world’s largest networks, sports venues and mobile production companies.

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Electronics Research, Inc. (ERI)

For more than 65 years, ERI has served the broadcast industry with products and services of the highest quality and dependability. Our dedicated staff of engineers, designers, fabricators, project managers, and installers deliver products to meet all of your broadcast needs, both RF and structural. We take pride in contributing to your success by offering the best broadcast antennas, filters and combiners, transmission line, towers, and broadcast services.

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•     Antennas (AM, FM, VHF, UHF, BRS-EBS, Components and Accessories)
•     Transmission Line (Coaxial Cable, Rigid Coaxial Line, Waveguides, Pressurization Equip ment,       Components and Accessories)
•     Towers
•     Filters-Combiners (FM, VHF, UHF, DAB, RF Components)
•     Broadcast Services (Engineering, Field and Installation)


Founded in 1973, Linear Television Italy is sold in more than 75 countries worldwide with great acceptance due to the excellent quality, reliability, and the latest technology and flexibility of design rendering a very acceptable quality price ratio while meeting the most demanding specifications from our customers.

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•     TV Transmitters (VHF and UHF)
•     Exciters
•     Transposers
•     Frequency Synchronization

Digital Multimedia Technologies (DMT)

DMT provides high quality digital-ready analog and fully digital TV transmission equipment employing state-of-the art technology, using the latest devices and solutions available.

Transmitters offered by DMT range from very low (under 1W) to very high (over 40kW) output power levels. The whole product range is based on solid state LDMOS technology. High power transmitters feature liquid cooling technology, whereas air cooling is used for other transmitter types. The transmitters are available in VHF and UHF band, digital and analog-digital ready configuration. The major worldwide television broadcast standards are implemented, including DVB-T/H, ARSC-DTV, PAL, NTSC, and SECAM D/K.

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•     TV Transmitters
o     Digital and Analog
o     Liquid and air cooling
o     VHF III and UHF frequency bands
o     LDMOS solid state technology

•     Digital
o     DVB-T and ATSC-DTV
o     Fully compliant DVB-H
o     1 W to 10kW rms power range
o     Hierarchical modulation
o     MFN and SFN network configuration

•     Analog
o     PAL, NTSC and SECAM D/K modes
o     Digital ready


COEL are designed to direct transmitter power exactly where and in the shape required by the Client’s specific requirements, with minimum loss. To this end, DMT continuously invests in research and maintains its engineering skills to state-of-the art level, supported by the latest design aids.

Key Features:

•     Frequency Bands: VHF, I, FM, VHF III, UHF IV-V
•     Broadband design
•     Linear (H and V) and circular polarization
•     Low V.S.W.R.
•     Customer-designed horizontal and vertical patterns
•     Ability to multiplex several channels in the same antenna system
•     High power capability
•     Split feed for emergency solutions
•     Optimum coverage area
•     Cost-effective antenna solutions
•     Maintenance-free

Aviat Networks

Aviat Networks is the wireless expert in advanced IP network migration, building the foundation for the 4G/LTE broadband future and enabling wireless transformation around the world.

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•     Hybrid Microwave
o     Eclipse Packet Node and Microwave Platform
o     Truepoint 6500
•     Packet Microwave
•     Wimax Access
•     Core Elements
•     Network Management/OSS
•     Maintenance-free