Channel Distribution Department (CDD) was established in 2003 primarily to market and distribute the Baron Antenna, an aerial TV antenna. Baron Antenna was first conceptualized by the Engineering Department of ABS-CBN and initially given for free to every household for purposes of improving its ratings. Seeing and realizing its potential in the market in enhancing TV viewing and capturing more free channels thru simple installation, the top management then of ABS-CBN decided to turn it over to Adtel, Inc. to sell it to the public. Its distribution started in February 2003 but was formally launched in August of the same year carrying the name Baron Super Antenna or simply called BSA. Baron Super Antenna (BSA) won the National Shopper’s Choice Award in 2004.

Baron Antenna, the flagship product of Adtel, Inc. started with Eight (8) Premier Resellers and merely 300 dealers nationwide which yielded 3,000 pieces output monthly.

Given the mixed geographic composition of the Philippines, BSA encountered functional problems in mountainous areas. Hence, in 2005, Kapamilya Gitnang Luzon or KGL was developed and launched by Adtel, Inc., followed by Baron Extended Range or BXR in 2006.

In 2009, Adtel, Inc.’s Channel Distribution Department has reached a milestone in sales having sold over 1M pieces of Baron Antenna. In addition, we already have Twenty-Two (33) Premier Resellers with over 4,308 dealers nationwide and Ten (10) provincial hubs. Sales have averaged 20,000 pieces per month.

Not content on resting on its laurels, the people behind the Baron business and Adtel management never stopped thinking of other creative ways to capture the virtually untapped market nationwide and to give the consumers new and innovative products that are technologically up-to-date yet affordable and durable. At present, Adtel is developing an antenna that shall capture digital broadcast feeds and deliver clear and crisp TV outputs that are within high-definition standards.