ADTEL stands for Advanced Telecommunications. We represent the interests of foreign technology providers in both telecommunications and broadcasting industries.

These value-added services include sales and marketing, engineering services, warehousing and nationwide distribution, back up of warranties, repair and maintenance, financing, turn-key project management and other outside plant capabilities.


Adtel provides telephony products to Bayan Telecommunications, which deploys these products in its franchise area nationwide. Since it was organized, Adtel’s telephony group has deployed more than 600,000 telephone sets nationwide. It also enters the wireless industry by supplying code division multiple access (CDMA) handsets for wireless local loop (WLL) application.


Adtel becomes the antenna and transmitter supplier of ABS-CBN.


Bayan again contracts Adtel for its supply of station protectors / demarcation boxes.


Adtel receives its ISO 9001:2001 certification in the areas of telephone supply and subscriber line installation from Certification International in December.


The flagship product af Adtel’s Channel Distribution Department, the Baron Super Antenna, is launched in August. Twelve premier resellers and 300 dealers nationwide succeed in selling 3,000 units every month.


Another major client, Globe, contracts Adtel’s installation group for its subscriber line installation


Globe becomes a client for outside plant services, which pertains to “all cables and wires extending outward from the network protectors on the main distribution frame, supporting structures, and other associated apparatus necessary to connect the terminal equipment to the outside plant.”


Adtel rolls out the Solar Home Kit under the auspices of its Solar department. This heralds the company’s entry into the renewable energy sector, in line with the goals of the Renewable Act of 2008. Meanwhile, with more than 1,000 dealers, plus store outlets maintained by 22 resellers, Baron marks a milestone with 1 million units sold in December.